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Say “Hello” to your new Wordpress developer

I'm an award-winning Wordpress developer with almost 15 years of professional experience. I'm passionate about open-source platforms like Wordpress and have built dozens on websites and e-commerce stores in the past. Some of my Wordpress projects are The Salty Donut, Tocaya Organica, Unstad Arctic Surf and OneFoot.

Why work with me?


Unlike working with a traditional web agency, your project won't get passed to junior employees, while you get charged the highest rates.


I'm based in London, UK and reachable during US and EU working hours. I work in a transparent way and will communicate with you often to ensure the project requirements are clear.
Sure, the price of an offshore developer may be lower, but at what cost?


When you hire me for your project, you decide to work with a professional you know you can depend on. Your deadlines are my deadlines, and all work is always done to the highest standard.

You can have a look at some of the work I've done in the past, get in touch using the form below or send an email directly to