Target Stuff Scholarships

With Target’s “Stuff Scholarships” campaign, directed by Michael Sugarman for Wieden+Kennedy Portland, students everywhere have the chance to win stuff and in the process generate some very compelling content.

The experience lives as a Facebook app for desktop, tablet and mobile – the content is made easy to share on social networks.

After selecting a scholarship from the site, applicants progress to the interview stage. Here they find themselves face to face via webcam with a panel of three rather eccentric scholars, who grill them on everything from scholarship-specific knowledge (“What’s that piece of material on a flip-flop that goes between your toes called?” asks one professor of an applicant for the Flip Flop Scholarship) to personal flair (“Describe yourself in a series of hand gestures”, demands another). After applicants complete their online interview, they can post it to a gallery to be viewed and voted on by other visitors to the site. Scholarships are awarded to the highest-voted videos in each scholarship category.


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